Silverson overcomes cannabidiol miscibility challenges, provides repeatability

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LONGMEADOW, Mass. — In the emerging CBD or hemp-derived cannabidiol market, new product development of food, beverage and personal care products is progressing at a brisk pace. Amidst the buzz of all this new product development, there are a number of production challenges that arise when incorporating CBD into products. Depending on concentration, CBD oil can be a highly viscous liquid, difficult to blend with water or low viscosity oils. It can also appear cloudy rather than clear in certain applications if the droplet particle size is not sufficiently reduced. Even hydration and agglomeration of dry ingredients can present challenges for conventional mixers.
“When mixing CBD in to different products, it’s important to be able to thoroughly and quickly blend ingredients together, and it’s essential to have repeatability when you’re doing it,” explains Brian Martin, technical sales manager, Silverson Machines, Inc. “Most CBD-containing formulations are tested for potency levels after mixing. For products to be efficacious, they must contain a specific amount of CBD. Silverson mixers are engineered to precise specifications to ensure repeatability not only from batch to batch but from machine to machine.”
The Silverson range of mixers from lab scale to production models have various capabilities that address CBD mixing needs, such as creating stable emulsions, dissolving or hydrating powdered ingredients and disintegrating solids. Silverson machines can easily mix liquids of widely varying viscosities, so high-viscosity CBD oil can be blended in a fraction of the time taken by conventional mixers.
Silverson Laboratory Mixers
With a mixing capacity from 1ml up to 12 liters, these high shear laboratory mixers are suitable for CBD product development and/or small-scale production. Interchangeable mixing assemblies mean they can mix, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate and dissolve CBD ingredients as needed for varied applications.
Silverson Ultramix
Its sanitary design means the Ultramix is ideal for use with CBD-containing food, beverage and supplement applications. The Ultramix is effective for mixing applications that are beyond the capabilities of a conventional agitator or stirrer, but don’t require intense high shear mixing. It works well even in high viscosity environments.
Because of their precision engineering, Silverson mixers used for CBD applications can easily be scaled up from laboratory to production size as volumes increase.
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About Silverson Machines Inc.
For more than 70 years, Silverson has been helping the world’s largest manufacturers solve their most difficult mixing challenges. Silverson specializes in the manufacture of top quality high shear mixers for the processing industries. Silverson has become the industry leader in the development of high shear mixing solutions and innovations through its professionalism and dedication to customer service, as well as, through an advanced understanding of applications and process development.
Customers in more than 150 countries are a testament to Silverson’s market advantage. Whether it’s a mixer from Silverson’s established range or a custom-designed unit, time after time, companies specify Silverson mixers as “standard” equipment for their manufacturing process.