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Want Media Coverage in 2021-Here’s How to Get It-CBD news-marketing-PR-CBDToday

Want Media Coverage in 2021? Here’s How to Get It.

Writers and editors are curious by nature. We’re always looking for the next great story, and when we find it, we share. Here are a...

The Single Key to Marketing Success in the CBD Industry

What a year 2020 was, eh? With all the things that happened this year—from COVID-19 to social justice, institutional racism, police brutality, elections, recession,...
Scaling a Cannabis Business-Guest column-Justin Dye-Schwazze-CBD-CBDToday

4 Secrets to Scaling a Hemp Business

Scaling a business is always a high-stakes endeavor, but the risks are magnified in the hemp and cannabis space, where every business is in...

3 Ways to Motivate Employees (Without Spending a Dime)

Whether you’re running a department or a whole company, having motivated employees is key to success. If the people who report to you are...

21 Acronyms Every Marketer Needs to Know

Does your CTA read loud and clear? Are your KPIs on target? Did you take CPC into account when calculating the ROI on your...
executive tips_long term growth_social media_CBDToday

4 Unusual Tips for Growing Your Business

Growing a business isn’t easy and success often depends on diversifying your profit growing efforts. From branding to product development to employee training, each...
executive tips_office meetings_elon musk_bill gates_CBDToday

5 Ways to Keep Your Meeting on Track

A research study by Steven Rogelberg of the University of North Carolina surveyed 182 senior managers in a variety of industries. His findings showed...
Time Hacks

8 Time Hacks Every Business Owner Needs Right Now

Spring is here. While you may yearn for some fun in the sun, as a business owner or manager you’ve probably got too much...