4 Unusual Tips for Growing Your Business

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Growing a business isn’t easy and success often depends on diversifying your profit growing efforts. From branding to product development to employee training, each aspect of your business needs attention to flourish—perhaps none more so than your customer base. Having a customer-focused marketing plan isn’t just smart, it’s a necessity. Here are four ways to engage your audience for long-term growth.

Build customer loyalty. Acquiring new customers is expensive. Experts estimate it costs up to three times more to earn a new customer than it does to sell something to an existing one. Loyalty programs are a great way not only to retain your fan base but inspire conversation. Launch a referral program to reward customers for sending new business your way or build a customer loyalty program to let customers know they are appreciated.


Take a Survey. Remove guess work from the equation. The best way to develop winning products and services is to know what your customers want and be attentive to their needs. A well-designed customer survey gives your audience a chance to help you and themselves. Be sure to keep it simple and ask the right questions.

Give something away. Giving away a freebie creates immediate word of mouth. Give your customers a small token of appreciation when shopping with you and they will be more likely to tell their friends about the experience. The gift could be something free for you but valuable to the recipient, for example, coupons or a “how to guide.”

Be Social. Social media helps you stay relevant. It gives you instant access to hundreds upon thousands of people. By actively posting content and then listening to people and reading their comments you will gain insight into their behavior and ways to meet their needs. Be sure to keep your posts and comments positive.