TrueStopper, Austin’s First Female-, Black-Owned Cannabis Business, Launches Line of Holistic Health & Chronic Pain CBD Solutions

AUSTIN, TEXAS TrueStopper, a holistic health company that leverages professionally-formulated and regenerative hemp-based products, has announced an expanded product line to support the evolving chronic pain and health needs of patients, consumers, and providers. As Austin’s first female, black-owned Cannabis business, founder and CEO Dr. Kirsten Shepard (DC, LMT) is advocating for more opportunities for women and BIPOC founders as well as more transparency in the CBD market.

“TrueStopper is one of only 4 percent of Cannabis businesses that is African American-owned. A green wave is on the horizon, but it’s time to change the narrative so that women and BIPOC founders aren’t left behind,” said Dr. K. “And while the CBD industry is experiencing exponential growth right now, it’s not without its challenges. In addition to diversity gains, we must be advocating for more clear regulations to ensure the opaque CBD market is not tarnished by vendors who overlook high quality and purity as a product standard.”


Penn Medicine recently found that nearly 70 percent of Cannabidiol extracts sold online are mislabeled. Offering products that are professionally-formulated and triple-tested by ISO-certified labs, all TrueStopper offerings have a verified certificate of analysis, are non-toxic, and contain 0-0.3 percent THC.

In addition to the previously available salves, roll-ons, and hemp extracts (that range from 300-2,400 mg), TrueStopper now offers face, hair, and body oils, pain patches, CBN and CBG tinctures, bath bombs, calming and focus tablets, gummies, and dog chews. The company also has an international patent pending for a maximum strength formulation and will soon launch a line of CBD-infused cookies made in partnership with Austin-based GoodenSweet. TrueStopper’s products have primarily been used by seniors and veterans to alleviate chronic neck, back, joint, muscle, and nerve pain, as well as athletes who are focusing on injury prevention and recovery.

“Our patients are most often seeking treatment for sciatica, carpal tunnel, as well as neck, lower back, and joint pain. We’re here to help them find relief through natural and holistic approaches to pain management, a mission we continue to achieve with the help of the TrueStopper CBD line,” said Dr. Roland Robinson of Atlas Holistic Wellness, the official chiropractor for the Austin Spurs. “We have carried Dr. K’s products for more than a year and have incorporated roll-ons and salves into our treatment plans. We see the healing capabilities of Cannabis and these specific products–and so do our patients!”

With a growing network of providers seeking treatment options that allow their patients to avoid the use of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery, TrueStopper has grown in popularity among Holistic Healthcare Providers, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Coaches, Acupuncturists, Primary Care Physicians, and other Pain Management Providers. The products are currently found in certified healthcare facilities across Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, California and Mississippi. To further support providers, TrueStopper’s newly launched website now offers a private portal where practitioners can place orders, ship directly to their patients, and review educational materials like videos and pamphlets.

For more than 15 years, Dr. K has established integrated healthcare practices that combine medical, chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy approaches to whole body care. She has been selected as a Profile of Prominence award recipient in Health Professions by the Texas legislature and received a Special Congressional Recognition from a Texas United States Senator. She is an active member in organizations that include Texas NORML, the Minority Cannabis Business Association, the Drug Policy Alliance, and the American Chiropractic Association, affiliations that have granted her opportunities to educate leaders in the space about the opportunities and challenges of working in the Cannabis industry.

About TrueStopper

TrueStopper is a holistic company that leverages professionally-formulated and regenerative hemp-based products to support patients through drug- and surgery-free solutions. TrueStopper’s organic and triple-lab tested CBD comes in the form of fast acting topicals, tinctures, and gummies that have been found to assist in alleviating chronic muscle, bone, nerve and joint pain. The company, which initially launched as ‘Pain Stopper’ in 2018, was founded by Dr. Kirsten Shepard (LMT, DC) who discovered the powerful healing capabilities of CBD after her father was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. To purchase TrueStopper or to review the product’s ingredients, formulations, certified facilities and customer testimonials, please visit