Volunteer Botanicals’ Satival Cannabinoid Powders Demonstrate Potential in Clinical Study


Volunteer Botanicals, which develops consistent, versatile hemp-based cannabinoid ingredients for use in a wide variety of consumer products, recently conducted a gene expression study to determine how the company’s plant-based Satival powders would affect expression levels of 10 human genes closely associated with pain, wound healing and inflammation. Directed by Vanderbilt University Medical Center-trained Dr. Jacob H. Basham, the study concluded that the Satival plant-based powders demonstrated a significant increase in activation within these key genes, supporting the overwhelming feedback received from consumers.


“This study shows without question that no longer is there just anecdotal reports of Satival powders generating a biological effect,” said Derek Odette, chief executive officer at Volunteer Botanicals. “We now know that the cannabinoids, botanical and vitamin formulations using Satival powder initiates a measurable biological change in human genes.”

Conducted in June 2022, the study examined the changes in gene expression levels created in human cells when these cells were exposed to different Satival powders, formulated to aid with sleep, pain management or inflammation. The study was performed using the full thickness Epilntestinal tissue model, a 3D reconstructed tissue model produced from normal, human-derived small intestinal epithelial cells, endothelial cells and fibroblasts (MatTek, EpilntestinalFT). Each of the 10 genes studied are known to be utilized primarily by the immune system to regulate pain, inflammation and wound healing. Once exposed to the formulations, eight of the 10 genes observed had produced a statistically significant response within a 24-hour period. View the full final report of the study here.

“If you look at the overwhelmingly positive responses Volunteer Botanicals has received from consumers using Satival powders and compare them to the results of our gene expression study, there appears to be a consistency between the two, although we cannot say conclusively at this time that there is a direct link,” Dr. Basham said. “We now have objective data that is consistent with the anecdotal feedback that says Satival formulations provide real results for wellness consumers.”

Satival formulations bring reconstituted, powderized cannabinoids, botanicals and vitamins to market for use in a variety of ratio-specific wellness products. Developed by Volunteer Botanicals, Satival pharmaceutical-grade powder supplement ingredients are available for the nutraceutical market. Volunteer Botanicals is currently developing a new line of wellness supplement products designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of Satival to help provide relief from common conditions like insomnia, inflammation and pain.

“Further research needs to be conducted on the impacts of cannabinoids, but the results of this study show that plant-based supplements are headed in the right direction,” Odette said.

About Volunteer Botanicals

Volunteer Botanicals develops precise cannabinoid formulations, providing manufacturers with consistent, versatile hemp-based ingredients for use in a wide variety of products that meet specific demands of product creators inside and outside the hemp industry. The company’s products provide the building blocks of miscible and “flowable” powders suited for supplements, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications. Through innovation and technology, Volunteer Botanicals is taking cannabinoids mainstream. For more information, visit https://volunteerbotanicals.com.