CytoCBD and the University of Wisconsin to Study Clinical Effects of CBD

Image: Tinnakorn jorruang/Shutterstock

MADISON, Wis. – Researchers from the University of Wisconsin will be partnering with CytoCBD to study the clinical effects of CBD on humans. 

CytoCBD produces a line of therapeutic CBD products and will work with Dr. Natalie Schmitz who will lead researchers at the University of Wisconsin. Schmitz has worked as a medicinal cannabis pharmacist and holds multiple doctoral degrees in pharmaceutical fields. The potential CBD holds for medical patients is what draws Schmitz to this research.


“While working as a medical cannabis pharmacist, I recognized the immense benefit that cannabis medicine brought to many patients, however, there is a lack of rigorous research that evaluates important components of safety and efficacy,” Dr. Schmitz said in a release. “With the support of CytoCBD, my research program seeks to address these gaps and gain the knowledge to optimize these therapies.”

Schmitz and her team will analyze CBD absorption and distribution in the body and examine multiple forms of ingestion that include taking the cannabinoid orally or through topical applications. 

For CBD makers such as CytoCBD, the research offers the chance to improve their product line.

“Many studies have been published that are focused on the therapeutic efficacy of CBD in stress, anxiety, sleep, and pain. We are thrilled about this partnership with the University of Wisconsin to explore the science behind the therapeutic potential and to learn what we can improve to create better products,” said Dr. Cohin Kakar, chief marketing officer at CytoCBD.

While many companies would likely want to strike a partnership with a legitimate research center such as the University of Wisconsin, CytoCBD’s approach stands out to Schmitz. CytoCBD maintains its own hemp farms and maintains a staff that includes pharmacists and physicians, helping to ensure its products are safe and consistent.

“After speaking with many CBD companies, CytoCBD stood out to our team as they really understood the clinical science and nature behind their products. We are excited to bring our patients high-quality products that can potentially bring them relief in the most challenging symptoms,” said Dr. Schmitz.