“Go the F*ck to Sleep” CBD launched by team behind best-selling book

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — Author Adam Mansbach and illustrator Ricardo Cortes, the team behind the #1 New York Times best-seller Go the F*ck to Sleep, today launched Go the F*ck to Sleep CBD, a hemp-derived tincture for parents — or anyone who is looking to revamp their bedtime routine in the new year.

Ten years ago, Mansbach and Cortes’ book perfectly captured the familiar tribulations of putting your little one down for the night, granting tired parents permission to admit their frustrations and laugh at the absurdity of it all. With Go the F*ck to Sleep CBD, they are again extending a humorous helping hand, aiming to replace stigma with openness. Mansbach even composed a hilarious new poem to accompany the product:

“I’m hoping the Go the F*ck to Sleep name will encourage more people to embrace CBD and other cannabinoids,” says Mansbach, “Especially parents who’ve found a little relief from the ordeal of putting their kids to bed by reading the book, and then face putting themselves to bed with a whole new round of trepidation. It’s definitely helped me.”

Sleep health has become a popular subject recently, with more than one-third of American adults not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, according to the CDC. Sleep-focused cannabinoid products have been taking the market by storm and have been lauded for their simplicity and efficacy.

Go the F*ck to Sleep CBD is a full-spectrum hemp product that stands out from other products on the market. The tincture is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, lab tested, and made in the USA — and its “Exhausted Peppermint” flavor tastes great.

And Go the F*ck to Sleep CBD’s $69 price point makes it more affordable than the competition. Mansbach explains the philosophy behind the price: “A lot of CBD is just unreasonably expensive; a bottle like this is often well over $100. I wanted to introduce a super high-quality product that’s accessible to all consumers — CBD shouldn’t be something that people get priced out of being able to afford.”

The $69 price point is also a nod to Go the F*ck to Sleep’s ranking as #69 on the American Library Association’s Top100 Most Banned and Challenged Books: 2010-2019.

Go the F*ck to Sleep CBD is produced by Colorado-based Leafwell Botanicals, one of the leading manufacturers of customized hemp-derived cannabinoid products. It is currently available at gotheftosleepcbd.com.

About Go the F*ck to Sleep

Go the F*ck to Sleep has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and been translated into more than 40 languages. An instant #1 bestseller, it has been read by a range of celebrities, from Samuel L. Jackson’s audiobook to viral performances by Jennifer Garner,  Werner Herzog, Levar Burton, Cardi B, Gilbert Gottfried, Thandiwe Newton and Shaggy. It was named Time magazine’s 2011 “Thing of the Year” and one of Readers’ Digest’s “25 Funniest Books of All Time.” The two sequels, You Have to F*cking Eat (audiobook by Bryan Cranston) and F*ck, Now There Are Two of You (audiobook by Larry David) are also New York Times bestsellers. For more information, visit: adammansbach.com.

About Leafwell Botanicals

Leafwell Botanicals provides turnkey supply chain sourcing, manufacturing and fulfillment services for premium cannabinoid-infused products, dietary supplements, and skin care products, including private label consumer brands for creators through their Feel Thankful program. Launched in January 2019, Leafwell has since manufactured and sold over 1,000,000 units for some of the country’s leading creators and standalone brands with products in over 10,000 stores. For more information, visit: feelthankful.com.