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Veterinary Webinar-CBD Products for Pets-CBDToday

Veterinary Webinar Provides Education about CBD Products for Pets

An educational webinar for veterinarians about CBD products and use of cannabidiol (CBD) products for pets with various medical conditions was presented by Dr....
CBD products-Winn-Dixie-Bi-Lo-Vertias Farms-CBDtoday

Grocery Chains Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo now Official Vendors of CBD Products

Southeastern Grocers, parent company to Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo supermarkets, has launched a range of CBD products at approximately 150 retail locations in Florida and...
CBD Google searches-JAMA-study-cbdtoday

Report Says CBD Google Searches Hit New High in 2019

CHICAGO – Report results published yesterday by researchers from the University of California, San Diego, said public interest in CBD, or cannabidiol, has swelled...
Life Elements CBD Honey Sugar Scrub-CBDToday-CBD products

Life Elements CBD & Honey Sugar Scrub

Life Elements CBD & Honey Sugar Scrub is moisturizing and refreshing in a natural rosemary mint scent; this exfoliating sugar scrub will hydrate and...
CBD Statistics-1-October 2019-CBDToday

Industry Insights and CBD Statistics for October 2019

From retail data to consumer demographics, a little knowledge can go a long way. Unlike in mainstream industries however, CBD statistics can be difficult...
Willie’s Remedy CBD Tinctures-CBD products-CBDToday

Willie’s Remedy CBD-Infused Tinctures

Willie’s Remedy CBD-Infused Tinctures provide full-spectrum CBD in 2oz dropper bottles, in 300mg, 600mg, 1500mg or potent 3000mg blends. Sourced from Colorado-grown, non-GMO, organic...
Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Isolate Recovery Protein-CBD-CBDToday

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Isolate Recovery Protein

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Isolate Recovery Protein supplemental blend helps recovery for seriously athletic activities. No additives, fillers; just whey protein, CO2-extracted CBD isolate,...
Associated Press-CBD Vape-CBDToday

The Associated Press Launched an Investigation into CBD Vape Products

Vaping products have been in the news quite a bit recently with at least nine deaths and hundreds of lung injuries all linked to...

L’eela After Sun Body Care Lotion

L’eela After Sun Body Care Lotion is full of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant ingredients. The soothing lotion has “250mg of whole plant full spectrum...
Charlotte’s Web-hemp-patent-CBDToday

Charlotte’s Web Establishes First U.S. Patent for Hemp Strain

BOULDER, Colo. – Hemp CBD industry pioneer and leader CWB Holdings, Inc.—popularly known as Charlotte’s Web—has been reported to have received the first U.S....
Zodaka 100% Domestic CBD Payment Platform