Sephora Expands In-Store Offerings with Saint Jane CBD Products

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Multinational beauty chain Sephora is continuing its embrace of CBD wellness products. After announcing over the summer that Lord Jones products would be available in 171 stores across the U.S., the mega-retailer is following up with an even larger expansion of its CBD inventory.

Saint Jane, a relative newcomer to the CBD industry, will be available in approximately 280 Sephora stores in twenty-two states. Although Saint Jane will celebrate its one year anniversary on January 28, 2020, the brand has quickly earned its success. Saint Jane CBD products first debuted on Sephora’s website in May and the brand’s 500mg CBD Luxury Beauty Serum has since become one of the site’s top fifteen best selling skin-care products.


Saint Jane founder and Chief Executive Officer Casey Georgeson has a successful track record with Sephora. She was their first MBA intern and went on to work for Kendo, Sephora’s brand incubator.

“Even with my background, to be totally honest, I thought, ‘There is no way Sephora is going to bring this on. We’re not even a brand yet. We have 100 followers on Instagram,’” Georgeson told Forbes. “They’re just going to look at this as a favor and tell me, ‘Okay Casey, this is a cute little idea you have here. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.’”

Sephora did not call back…rather, they emailed Georgeson minutes after receiving a sample of Saint Jane. Sephora’s Vice President of Skincare Merchandising Cindy Deily was immediately interested in Saint Jane.

“We strive to provide clients with the most on-trend and sought-after products,” Deily said. “We saw a strong desire for an assortment of prestige CBD offerings, and Saint Jane has been a pioneer in growing the space. With their goal of bringing CBD to the forefront as an efficacious ingredient in prestige skincare. Saint Jane is passionate about education and category innovation and ingredient exploration and we are thrilled to introduce more of our community to this new indie brand.”

Georgeson oversees the sourcing of hemp used to create Saint Jane’s products and said she uses independent labs to test all plants. According to Georgeson, her Luxury Beauty Serum has a higher concentration of CBD than any other facial serum available.

This focus on quality could be precisely why Sephora chose to partner with Saint Jane. While federal agencies continue to work on creating regulations, CBD producers are without a clear set of rules to follow. According to, Sephora is reportedly working on crafting their own internal CBD production guidelines. This would help protect both consumers and the Sephora brand before federal regulations are finalized.