SunFlora(R), Inc. (Your CBD Stores™) Receives Settlement Payment from Former Store Owners and Successfully Defends Its Brand and Store Profitability

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Sunflora, Inc. (“Sunflora®️“), the creator of award-winning Sunmed™️ products exclusively sold at Your CBD Store®️ locations, prevailed, once again, and received payment as part of a settlement against frivolous litigation, initiated by Joseph Gradwell, Christopher Miller, Greg Muiter and Melanie Vaughn, (“Plaintiffs”) all former store owners of Sunflora. On July 20, 2023, U.S. District Court Judge Mary S. Scriven issued an Order of Dismissal which ended litigation proceedings between Sunflora and Plaintiffs.


“We were extremely confident that Sunflora would prevail in this case because the facts and the law were on Sunflora’s side. Fortunately, Plaintiffs were able to recognize the strength of Sunflora’s position early in the case and reach a settlement that included payment to Sunflora, before the case proceeded to trial,” said Sunflora’s counsel, Jonathan Weiss of Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP.

“The favorable outcome of this unnecessary and meritless litigation is not surprising to me as Sunflora is dedicated to placing store owners in the best position to succeed in this challenging but rewarding hemp and wellness industry,” said Sunflora Founder and CEO Marcus Quinn.

Since Sunflora’s launch in 2018, it has achieved a perfect winning record when it comes to defending and enforcing its commitment to excellence, brand integrity, and store profitability. Litigation against Sunflora (as well as litigation initiated by Sunflora) has consistently resulted in payments and settlements to Sunflora’s benefit.

This is due to the fact that Sunflora’s mission is to consistently improve its consumers’ quality of life, ensure the success and profitability of proud store owners, and protect its reputation as the best wellness and hemp-derived products provider in the marketplace. Sunflora’s business model is structured so that Sunflora succeeds when its store owners succeed. And today, Sunflora is proud to do business with hundreds of affiliates and franchisees who operate brick-and-mortar stores selling its popular products across the country.

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