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Beyond the Trend: CBD-Infused Beverages Are Here to Stay

Trendy drinks come and go all the time. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the sudden rise and fall of charcoal-infused drinks, vitamin...
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Green Lotus Premium Hemp Oil Gummies

Formulated with oil from hemp organically grown in Colorado, Green Lotus Premium Hemp Oil Gummies contain 7.5mg hemp extract per piece. The formula also...
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Elevate CBD Strips

Elevate CBD Strips are discreet: Just slip one on or under the tongue and let it dissolve. Each pack contains ten gluten-free, vegan strips,...
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trupura Black CherryMilk Chocolate Bar

Developed by the same team that created incredibles, trupura’s handcrafted black cherry chocolate bar complements rich milk chocolate with tart, organic cherries. The bars...
Monk Drinking Botanicals-CBD Products-CBDToday

Monk Drinking Botanicals

Handcrafted in small batches using herbs and fresh-pressed juices, Monk’s artisanal CBD elixirs provide an uplifting experience while allowing users to relax and unwind....
Veterinary Webinar-CBD Products for Pets-CBDToday

Veterinary Webinar Provides Education about CBD Products for Pets

An educational webinar for veterinarians about CBD products and use of cannabidiol (CBD) products for pets with various medical conditions was presented by Dr....
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Charlotte’s Web Gummies

Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies contain whole-plant extract and botanical blends to support sleep, calmness, and recovery. The plant-powered CBD gummies are flavored with natural...
National CBD Day-CBD-CBDToday

August 8 is National CBD Day

The CBD industry reached a milestone last year with the introduction of National CBD Day, an officially recognized event on the National Day Calendar,...

4 CBD Product Lines to Calm Pets and Their Owners’ Anxiety

Pet CBD product promotions have become mainstream for Fourth of July. Cats and especially dogs that are terrified of loud fireworks are a real...

A CBD-Infused Products Guide for Dads and Other Dudes

So many CBD products seem to have female-friendly appeal; women, as consumers, are generally more shopping-savvy and earlier to adopt trends. So, sadly, men...