Top 3 Reasons for Giving CBD to Pets


In cannabis-legal Colorado, the options for owners to access various CBD-infused supplements for pets is more widespread than in other areas. Increasingly, though, independently-owned pet shops nationwide are starting to carry lines of CBD treats and tinctures for man’s best friends–and that means dogs, cats, horses, and other furry mammals.

Ciji’s Natural Pet Supplies in northeast Denver, is a locally owned pet store that caters to hip, holistic pets and their owners. Along with a wide selection of natural pet foods, fancy collars and harnesses, the trendiest toys, and other animal accouterments, Ciji’s carries a half dozen CBD-infused pet brands.


Some of the store’s selection include local brands like Colorado Hemp Honey, Colorado Sun Hemp Pet Care, Pawsible Love, Pet Releaf, and global vendor TruReleaf Pet.

Many other CBD-infused pet lines are also available online but, as with products for human use, experts encourage consumers to seek out products with organically-sourced ingredients that have been tested for contaminants and pesticides.

Heidi Hill, co-founder of Berkeley, California pet store Holistic Hound recently told, “Many products are sourced from foreign countries, and while this does not necessarily imply product inferiority, it’s critical to know if the cannabis is grown organically, as hemp plants are known to uptake much of any toxins, environmental contaminants and/or pesticides from the soil.”

We spoke with Ciji’s manager Celeste about CBD for pets.

When choosing to give CBD to their pets, what are the three most common conditions being treated?

Celeste: Definitely, the first is anxiety, then seizures, and inflammatory issues, like arthritis and pain relief.

What types of CBD-infused products are the most popular?

Treats and oils. It also depends on what the pet is being treated for, and if it will be long term, ongoing treatment. Pets that need a more potent dose would benefit more from using oils and that’s more cost-effective, too, for pets that are going to need long-term use and increased potency. Treats typically come 3-7mg per treat, so that’s a good daily maintenance routine [but probably not a good idea if your pet requires a higher dose].

What is the recommended dose for pets?

Most manufacturers recommend 1mg of CBD to every ten pounds of weight, so 3mg for a thirty-pound animal.

Owners should be aware of dosage recommendations, especially if tempted to treat their pet with a CBD-infused formulation made for humans. People that are serious about adding CBD to their pets’ wellness regimen and their pet’s safety should have no problem finding lots of pet products to choose from.

What’s harder to find is professional veterinary advice on cannabinoid-based treatments for pets, especially for owners trying to treat more serious health issues–but that is slowly changing.

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association has advocated recognition of cannabinoid-based treatments for animals since 2016, and in California last September, legislation was passed that allows veterinarians to speak to pet owners about cannabis. Like doctors for humans, veterinarians are just beginning to be exposed to the discussion around medicinal cannabis.

Colorado-based nonprofit Veterinary Cannabis offers certification training for veterinary professionals, as well as pet industry professionals, dispensary and store staff, and pet owners. Consulting, classes, and events also are offered.