4 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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Image: CrispyPork / Shutterstock.com

Are your current marketing efforts bearing any fruit? If not, it might be time to try a different approach. Remember, if you aren’t promoting the services your business offers, your customer base won’t grow. Similarly, if you keep trying the same types of marketing without seeing results, your business isn’t going to grow.

Consider these tactics to boost your marketing efforts:


Send direct mail. A direct mail campaign may seem a little old school but it’s still an effective, affordable way to reach prospective clients. Be sure to create mailers that attract attention. A well-designed letter or flyer should advertise your latest promotions and offer incentives your customers will find valuable.

Advertise in relevant publications. Never underestimate the value of print marketing. A glossy photo paired with a thoughtfully worded description creates a lasting impression. Investigate local or industry-related publications for advertising opportunities. Include a call to action in your ad specifically tailored to each publication so you can track which one was most successful.

Optimize your website. Your website should be user-friendly and well-branded, so current and potential customers can use it as a resource. Be sure to include essential components: product pictures and descriptions, pricing, reviews, shipping information, company contact information, and anything else your customer needs to know.

Sponsor media content. Some websites and social media platforms allow the publication of sponsored posts. These posts reach a much larger number of viewers than your regularly subscribed followers and can even be targeted to your ideal customer demographic. Before deciding which platform to use, make sure your content doesn’t violate any of the platform’s policies.