Dr. Norm’s Cookies

(Image: Dr. Norm's)

Coming from a background in the gourmet cookie industry, brother-sister duo Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson first founded a company based on their mother’s beloved recipe, which blossomed into the Audrey’s Cookies brand, available at many high-end grocers and food retailers. The sibling entrepreneurs have now taken the family favorite cookie recipe to create Dr. Norm’s, which is dedicated to their father, Dr. Norm Koz, an old-fashioned M.D. and family doctor.

A testimonial from customer Teddy D. said, “These cookies are amazing for multiple reasons. First of all, they work perfectly in thirty minutes. Second, they taste like regular cookies my grandmother used to make. Every shop ever should carry these cookies and always have them in stock.”


In therapy-sized three-ounce bags that contain ten CBD-infused cookies each, flavors include classic chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate, and Vegan peanut butter chocolate.

The classic recipe is filled with mini chocolate chips, finely chopped pecans, as well as a surprise crunch from Heath Bar toffee bits; plus, consumers get 15mg of CBD per cookie, for easy, accurate dosing.

Award winning, lab-tested, and available in up to 12-bag packs. Starting at $24.95. At DrNormsCookies.com.