Eaze Delivery Service Expands Into CBD Market With Eaze Wellness

Eaze Wellness Delivery Service

A well-known cannabis delivery service has plans to enter the CBD market.

Eaze recently announced the launch of a new platform that will focus entirely on CBD products. The new platform will be known as Eaze Wellness. The timing for Eaze seems optimal as CBD products are rising steadily in popularity.


“Our aim in launching a CBD marketplace was to help take the complexities out of the shopping experience,” Sheen Shiravi, Director of Communications at Eaze, told CBD Today. “We hope to do this by curating some of the best brands in the space and making them available alongside education on a beautiful e-commerce platform.”

The availability of CBD products has dramatically increased in recent years. However, some products promote questionable information and create unrealistic expectations for the healing potential of many CBD products. CBD products are often available in health stores, convenience stores, and even tobacco shops. Eaze feels that consumers could use a reliable source to learn about CBD products and their effects. Their new service will be available in 41 states.

“Eaze Wellness will help educate consumers about CBD and let them discover which brands work best for them,” Shiravi said.

As fears of cannabis fade, many are seeking THC and CBD to help with a variety of medical ailments. However, unlike THC, CBD produces no psychedelic effect, which has made it appeal to many new customers who are not seeking a recreational experience.

Many consumers are turning to CBD as a substitute for traditional pharmaceuticals, which often carry a high risk of addiction and unpleasant side effects. Last year, a Brightfield/Hello M.D. study found that almost half of CBD users cease taking traditional medications.

Sales of CBD products are already worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year. However, that number is expected to rise significantly and could reach $22 billion by 2022.