Hemp Inc. Seeking Agriculture Suppliers and Farmers for Hempathon Event

Image: Andris Tkacenko / Shutterstock.com

Hemp Inc. is looking to increase exposure for its Hempathon event. Hempathon is a unique educational hemp growing experience that will showcase the cultivation skills of growers from around the world.

Each grower participating in Hempathon will be provided five acres of farming space to farm hemp crops. In total, 300 acres will be provided to cultivators. The event is set to be captured by documentarians and will be streamed live to give viewers an in-depth view of the cultivation process. 


Hempathon was created to help increase brand awareness and media coverage for hemp producers.

“There’s nowhere on earth that companies in this industry are going to be able to get this much exposure and massive media coverage for their products,” said Hemp Inc. Chief Executive Officer Bruce Perlowin. “Additionally, the Hempathon will consist of the top growers from across the country and these individuals will be exposed to the products first hand. We see this as an advertising opportunity of a lifetime for these businesses and we want to give companies the opportunity to advertise in a way their competitors never can.” 

Not only will the skills of growers be documented, but companies manufacturing farming equipment, greenhouses, irrigation equipment, and tracking systems also will receive an opportunity to promote their products. Brands providing seeds, clones, and fertilizers will also be featured at Hempathon. 

According to Perlowin, the brand exposure created by Hempathon will also benefit ancillary hemp businesses. 

“This is an opportunity for those who are directly involved or would like to be involved in the hemp industry to get seen, be heard, and get started. We have never heard of an opportunity like this before, and if it were presented to me as a supplier of anything that has to do with hemp, farming or gardening, I would surely take advantage of this.”

Below is the contact information for anyone interested in joining Hempathon:
-Devi Barnard, project manager, [email protected]
-Chris Tinney, social media manager, Ch[email protected]
-Dwight Jory, construction project manager, [email protected]