Silk Road CBD Vape Pens

Photo courtesy of Silk Road Brand.

These discreet, disposable vape pens are perfect for users that are on-the-go, need a portable and discreet option, or simply enjoy vaping. Silk Road Brand suggest their blends “for post-workout recovery… anxiety or stress or simply… to feel better.”

One hundred percent organic, full-spectrum, whole-plant CBD extract is combined with non-GMO botanical essential oils to target specific effects:

  • Relief comes in the citrusy flavors of lemongrass and tangerine with a touch of spearmint, for refreshing cool; recommended for headaches, cramps, muscle aches, or calming at any time of day.
  • Relax is an evening blend, flavored with lavender and chamomile, which are two legendary herbs for encouraging relaxing effects and sweet dreams.
  • Focus brings the bracing scent of grapefruit essence, with peppermint and bergamot for days when users need to restore and reinvigorate.

A portion of each purchase benefits nonprofit charities that work to battle the U.S. opioid crisis.

“We donate a portion of every single product sold to nonprofits and community groups working to end the opioid crisis,” said Silk Road Brand founder and Chief Executive Officer David Kram. “Whether it’s offering cannabis as an exit drug when patients leave rehabilitation from an addiction, to empowering people with knowledge of the dangers of opioids and the solution that cannabis offer; we promise to do everything we can to end this crisis once and for all. Together, we can affect real change and we’re here to do just that.”

Each pen contains 225mg of CBD. The company also produces a line of CBD/THC vape pens for users in legal states, where these products are available. CBD-only pens, $29.00 MSRP, at