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Jupiter Organic CBD Drops-CBD products-CBDToday

Jupiter Organic CBD Drops

Made in small batches from only the flower of 100-percent USDA Certified Organic hemp, Jupiter Organic CBD Drops work like an “off button” for...
Holiday Stocking Guide-Deck the Shelves with Edibles and Extracts-CBD products-CBDToday

Holiday Stocking Guide: Deck the Shelves with Edibles and Extracts

The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it opportunities for eating, drinking, and making merry, not to mention gift-giving. Though the pandemic may...
Mello-Sea Salted Caramels Package-CBD products-mg magazine-mgretailer

Mello Sea Salted Caramels

Mello’s non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, and all-natural Sea Salted Caramels are individually wrapped sweet treats that provide 15mg of active, full-spectrum CBD per piece. Formulated to combat daily stress,...
CBD Products for National Sleep Awareness Week-CBDToday

6 CBD-Infused Products for National Sleep Awareness Week

Ruminating about the stock market? Coronavirus pandemic? Tax season? What could go wrong? Let’s face it, anxiety is a pretty common complaint these days,...
ExtractCraft-Source Turbo-CBD products-CBDToday

ExtractCraft Source Turbo

ExtractCraft’s Source Turbo is a compact, Bluetooth-compatible ethanol recovery device. Operable by hand or through a smart-device app on a mobile phone, the system slowly...
HairRx-Hair Perfecting Formula-CBD products-CBDToday

HairRx Hair Perfecting Formula

HairRx Hair Perfecting Formula is a vegan, all-in-one leave-in conditioning lotion that combines organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract with plant-based PhytoKeratin Plus to hydrate and...
BASKIN Sport-CBD product-CBDToday

BASKiN Sport

BASKiN Sport travels easily to the gym, the field, or anywhere else that demands quick, active relief pre- and post-workout. Part of BAKiN Essentials’...

A CBD-Infused Products Guide for Dads and Other Dudes

So many CBD products seem to have female-friendly appeal; women, as consumers, are generally more shopping-savvy and earlier to adopt trends. So, sadly, men...

Cannabombz Medicated Bath Bombs

Medicated bath bombs from Cannabombz are a feast for all the senses–visually beautiful, sweetly blended with natural scents, and luxuriously infused with organic, homegrown...

Goldleaf CBD Jotter, co-edited by Rosebud CBD

Created in a collaboration between book and printer maker Goldleaf and CBD manufacturer Rosebud CBD, this pocket-size journal helps CBD users keep track of...