TribeTokes CBD Vape Starter Kit

Tribe-Tokes-starter-kit-black-wand-CBD Today

TribeTokes blends pure hemp CBD oil distillate with hemp-derived terpenes for classic cannabis flavors, but no THC. Their formulations do not use MCT oils; these are medium chain triglyceride oils, typically used as a carrier oil in CBD products and derived from coconut and palm. While some believe there are health benefits attributable to MCT oil, at TribeTokes, they prefer to offer potentially more potent effects from their pure hemp extract.

Hemp-derived terpenes infuse three different flavors, including Sweet and Sour Widow, Charlotte’s Web, and Sour Tsunami.


The streamlined, black, matte finish battery has push-button function, as well as an extra “infinity wheel” feature that allows the user to customize temperature for a more precise, individualized pull and satisfying vapor.

Starter Kits contain everything needed to vape CBD, including rechargeable battery (compatible with any 510 thread cartridge) and a CBD oil cartridge, packaged in stylish magnetic storage box.

TribeTokes also offers several other vaporizer styles from its proprietary line, as well as CBD oil cartridges (including one compatible with JUUL batteries). This starter kit is $75.00 MSRP. From