Charlotte’s Web Establishes First U.S. Patent for Hemp Strain

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BOULDER, Colo. – Hemp CBD industry pioneer and leader CWB Holdings, Inc.—popularly known as Charlotte’s Web—has been reported to have received the first U.S. patent for a hemp strain developed by the company.

The strain is called CW2A, according to documents filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which issued the patent in the first week of July. Patent approval was first reported on cannabis platform Leafly.


The patent document described the “background of the invention,” and stated, “The present invention relates to a new and distinct hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivar designated as CW2A.

“Whole-plant hemp extracts from CW2A contain an assortment of phytocannabinoids (e.g., CBD), terpenes, flavonoids and other minor but valuable hemp compounds that work synergistically to heighten effects of products produced from CW2A. This synergistic effect is sometimes referred to as the ‘entourage effect.’

“CW2A extracts can be used to produce a variety of products, including liquid and capsule forms for oral administration, topical products, cosmetic products, infused beverages, sport products, and hemp-infused pet treats.”

The statement went on to say, “Despite Cannabis being consumed since at least the third millennium BC, complete scientific corroboration for uses of CBD are still in their infancy. Industry reports suggest CBD is used for a variety of health and wellness purposes, including as a sleep aid, coping with daily stress, fighting anxiety, relieving pain, assisting with cognitive function, and boosting immune health.

“Significant research is currently being conducted at a variety of laboratories on the use of CBD as it relates to epilepsy, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), cancer, autism, neuroprotection, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-tumor effects, and anti-psychotic effects.”

The language in the document attributed properties and benefits to hemp-derived CBD oil and other hemp derivatives that have not yet been recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has moved slowly to develop policies or issue an opinion related to hemp, CBD oil, and other infused products—despite an already booming market. The Drug Enforcement Administration has moved at a less-than-glacial pace to reschedule cannabis from a Schedule I drug, which could lead to increased research and eventual nationwide legalization.

It remains to be seen if the new patent’s claims will put pressure on other federal governmental agencies to issue or update policies or standards for cannabis or, without more coherent federal cannabis policy in place, there might be grounds for legal challenges to the claims made in the patent, which have not yet been acknowledged by the FDA, among others.

The positive news comes a year after the company’s IPO offering (OTC:CWBHF). In a year that has been volatile across the board even for blue chip U.S. companies, cannabis stocks have been a wild ride, with CBD set to boom when (and if) federal policy is updated.

The Stanley Brothers founded Charlotte’s Web, and were the first hemp producer profiled by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his groundbreaking CNN news series, “Weed.” Their first signature strain, Charlotte’s Web, was named after young epilepsy patient Charlotte Figi, whose condition was successfully treated with CBD oil derived from the bespoke plants.

Since then, the company has evolved to become a CBD industry leader with a full line of CBD products including tinctures, capsules, topicals, and pet products.