9 Tips for Creating a Professional Press Release

Enhance your press release writing skills with expert advice from Judy Campbell, president at Campbell Consulting.

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(Image: Yunus Malik / Shutterstock.com)

This week on CBDToday.com we published an incredibly informative step-by-step guide by Judy Campbell, president at Campbell Consulting, about writing media-worthy press releases. The article is a must read for marketers and executives alike. But for those readers prone to TL;DR thinking, here are nine takeaways you need to know now.

Be vigilant. Proofread everything to ensure correct grammar and punctuation.


Keep it simple. Don’t use industry jargon. Technical terms are okay, if speaking to industry media.

Get graphic and social. Include photography, video, or sharable quotes to generate interest.

Link it up. Include hyperlinks and double check that they are functioning properly.

Look professional. When in doubt, refer to the AP Stylebook for proper journalistic details such as common abbreviations and writing in correct journalistic style.

Short and sweet. Keep your press release between 400 and 600 words (400-500 is best).

News, not ads. Avoid selling, advertising, or using hyperbole.

Just the facts. Ensure that your press release is accurate and newsworthy.

Know what’s newsworthy. Events like launching a new company, product, or upgrade; introducing a rebrand; building/opening a new facility; sharing earnings/financials; announcing new hires or promotions; creating new partnerships, mergers, or acquisitions; receiving an award; and acquiring a patent, all are great topics for a press release.