CBD-Infused Coffees: Get A Buzz On and Take the Edge Off


If there’s a warm beverage loved by Americans (and lots of other people all over the world), it’s coffee. A recent report projected global coffee markets to reach $32.3 billion in value by the end of 2022, with current consumer demand for specialty coffees continuing to increase.

But not many people realize that compounds in coffee affect the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is the same thing that cannabinoids do – cannabinoids like CBD, as well as other plant compounds derived from hemp and cannabis.


So, it’s perhaps no surprise that CBD (aka cannabidiol) and coffee would make a winning combination. Caffeine lovers can get their buzz on, and at the same time, take the edge off with the balancing effects of CBD.

In September, American music legend and cannabis entrepreneur Willie Nelson will launch his new signature branded Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee, available in whole bean and ground. The coffee blend will add to Nelson’s growing cannabis product lines, which include flower and concentrates under the Willie’s Reserve label.

There are several CBD coffee brands to choose from on this list, and because hemp-derived CBD is not prohibited for sale, most of these blends are available online:

Flower_Power_coffee_CBD_TodayFlower Power Coffee Company’s New York House Blend Signature–South American beans roasted in New York City. “Sweet, with a medium acidity and a smooth pleasant body.” Each bag makes 36 ounces of coffee, and each six ounces serving contains 30mg of organic, purified CBD extract. From FlowerPower.coffee.


cuveecoffee-hempoil_CBD_TodayCuvée Cold Brew Nitro Hemp Oil Coffee–From Austin, Texas. Hemp oil combined with their Original Cuvée Cold Brew Nitro Black Coffee, with 10mg of odorless, tasteless, water-soluble hemp oil. Roasted fresh and brewed cold. All natural, no sugar, and only five calories. In a 10 ounce pop-top can. At CuveeCoffee.com.


Focus_Bag_CBD_coffee_CBD_TodayStrava Coffee’s Peace & Wellness Blends–Specialty coffee, small batch roasted in Denver, Colorado, and precision-infused with healthy organic hemp oil. Hemp oil provides balance to the coffee’s natural caffeine and, for many people, alleviates the caffeine jitters. With notes of brown sugar, ripe cherry, and natural cocoa. In Focus, Escape, Restore, and Elevate blends. Visit StravaCraftCoffee.com.

Hempgenix_Coffee_CBD_TodayHempgenix Awakening Series CBD-Infused Coffee Beans–Delivers the benefits of cannabinoids to morning wellness routines. Specialty Columbian grade coffees are craft roasted and infused with 100 percent U.S.A.-produced CBD-rich hemp oil and isolate to bring the complete benefits of the plant to every cup. In Irish Cream and White Chocolate Caramel. Each one-pound bag contains 500mg CBD. At Hempgenix.us.

Level_Coava_CBD_coffee_CBD_TodayLevel’s Coava Cold Brew with CBD–“A creative, focused body high.” Cannabis-infused cold brew coffee, roasted by Coava Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon; in collaboration with beverage company Level. Zero calories, all-natural ingredients; each 16 ounce bottle contains 5mg CBD. From EnjoyLevel.com.